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Welcome to Jack's Gems & Jewelry ELK TEETH JEWELRY page. Besides being a dedicated Rock Hound, Prospector, Lapidary Artist, and Hand Crafted Jewelry maker, I also love to hunt and fish.

A couple of years ago on a beautiful warm evening after hunting Elk all day my son and I was setting by our camp fire planning our hunt for the next day. A couple of hunters from an adjacent hunting camp came over and joined us. After a few minutes talking about Elk Hunting one of the hunters noticed the watch band and ring I was wearing. He ask me where I got them. I told him that I made them. He said WOW how did you do that and after a few minutes talking about making jewelry he said do you think you can make a ring like yours but instead of using a stone can you use a Elk tooth. I told him I have never tried it but thought I could figure out how to design and make Elk Teeth Jewelry. I said that if am lucky enough to kill an Elk (I was hunting with Bow & Arrow) that I was going to give it try. The hunter said if you do make a ring he would like to see it. I told him I would send him a picture. I was lucky and shot a Bull Elk that had some nice Ivory Teeth. After cleaning and doing some lapidary work on the teeth I was able to design and make some rings like the ones pictured below. I sent him a picture of the rings. A few days later he called me on the phone and purchased one of the rings.

Because I make or assemble all the jewelry displayed on this page my quality control standards are the highest. I cut and polish all the Elk Teeth used in my “Hand Crafted Jewelry” Elk Teeth Jewelry. My goal is always to make unique and different one of a kind Jewelry that anyone will be proud to ware.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return it for a (NO QUESTIONS ASKED) refund. Your complete satisfaction is of paramount importance to me. So please shop with complete confidence. Click on the Jewelry pictured to make them larger and get more detail.

To purchase a Ring click on the “ADD TO CART” button and fill in the appropriate information, Ring size and Metal Type.

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Elk Tooth Ring in Sterling Silver


Elk Tooth Ring in14K Gold Filled Wire


Elk Teeth Ear Rings in Sterling Silver

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I use United States Postal service, Priority Mail, to ship your purchase. The postal rate plus insurance is $8.30 up to $100.00. All orders over $100.0 will be shipped free of charge.


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