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                                  About Me

Hi, my name is Jack Freeman and live in Sierra Vista Arizona. Because I value you, my customer, and can not always meet you face to face, I have created this Page to provide you with additional information so that you may get to know me better.


When I was a young boy my father would take me on outings (camping, fishing or hunting) and I would see rocks of all color and shape. Sometimes I would find a rock that was made with many colors. If I asked someone what it was I always got an answer that didn’t mean much to me, but usually they would say Agate. Will they couldn’t fool me. I knew what an Agate was. It was a valuable marble that I would save my pennies to pay for at the Five and Dime Store, then go play marbles with the boys and loose them to a boy that could shoot better. Them old rocks couldn’t be valuable because they were just laying all over the ground.

Somehow I managed to grow up and was getting ready to spread my wings (I was going to Alaska to seek my fortune in gold) when Uncle Sam said “ you are drafted and needed in the Army”. I went in the Army, got married, raised two boys (I mean my wife raised two boys), and I traveled all over the world. After 24 years and obtaining the Rank of Master Sergeant I decided to retire from the Army. It didn’t take long to figure out that Army retirement pay is not enough to live on. Back to work I go with a government contractor which led to a government civilian job working for the Army doing about the same things I was doing in the Army. After 15 more years of that I retired again.


Now I had time to look for some of the neat stones that I often thought about during my working years. But guess what, it’s not as easy to find them “puurrrty rocks” anymore. All the best places are mining claims, private property or government controlled (State Parks, National Parks or Wilderness Areas). When I asked “what’s going on?” I found out that people have been picking this stuff up, cutting it in pieces, polishing, mounting in jewelry and selling it for real money. This got my attention and after a few years of research, studying, rock hounding, and attending rock and gem shows; learning the “Lapidary Arts”, Faceting, and making Jewelry, I find my self with all these beautiful stones cut and polished into “Unique Designer Cabochons, exquisite “Competition grade Faceted Gems, and exotic “Hand Crafted Jewelry”. So, one thing leads to another, I opened this site (E-store) to sell (hopefully) some/all that you see, so I can buy more material, to make more so you can buy more and on and on:-).

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Thanks for your interest and if you want or need more information you can contact me by
Telephone at 520-378-3738, E-mail, or Snail Mail at my address below.




Jack’s Gems & Jewelry
2684 Brewer Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ


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I use United States Postal service, Priority Mail, to ship your purchase. The postal rate plus insurance is $8.30 up to $100.00. All orders over $100.0 will be shipped free of charge.


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